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Home / Feature request for a tiled image background to the advanced options config


There could be an additional final layer of an image (PNG, JPG) to create a tiled (fixed) background in order to use it, for example, as a paper simulation (a seamless texture), or just an option to review work of arts in canvas textures or other background simulations. The current “BackgroundColor” will be used on top of it, layered as it is, supportting ARGB transparency in order to use it as a color filter on top of the tiled background

FixedPageUI [
	TextColor = #000000
	BackgroundColor = #cccccc
	SelectionColor = #f5fc0c
	WindowMargin = 2 4 2 4
	PageSpacing = 4 4
     **TileImage = "Path to image local or relative to installation"**

In principle seems reasonable like having a desktop or web page image for background, however there will be several disadvantages since books scroll it needs to be rendered statically and continuously masked OR the pdf pages be transparent. All of that is likely to double or triple rendering time by treating as layers, thus make page scrolling appear half as fast. The added complexity is deciding which of the many engins should or can not support such an odd rendering method. For one foreground overlay format like HTML it may be easy, however the MuPDF engine cant even use a background image in html4 or 5 yet.


I am not sure what to think, I was guessing it is as fast as the BackgroundColor. I couldnt imagine a small seamless texture in the background could add such performance loss. BackgroundColor setting is instant and blazing fast. Anyway, if it is easy to implement , that could be an interesting feature and may be proved useful. It could be off by default anyway, so no real frustration to anyone if implemented silently in the advanced options config. Please consider it as a possible option for a future release.