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Home / Feature request: Fold/unfold bookmark tree via Shift or Ctrl+F12


Hi, I miss often the fold/unfold toggle feature e.g. via shift or ctrl f12.
Please implement this ui feature.

Many thanks for your work around sumatra, Uwe


@apollo2mond shift+numpad * seems to do it, assuming the bookmarks pane is in focus (if it’s not you can press f12 twice to close then reopen it in focus). Also shift+numpad / should collapse the entire tree.
I think these are standard features/controls of tree lists in windows;


Thanks for answering but my t430/lenovo is one of the machines that doesn’t have any numpad key. Means a free hotkey definition for collapsing the bookmark tree would be great! Uwe


Hi there
thanks for your work, SumatraPDF is very nice.

I agree with NF2K

closing all bookmark is an important feature to me

as many user i have a laptop with no numpad so i can’t use this shortcut
and i have a french keyboard.
it would be nice to be able to customize these shortcut or to use a FUNCTION key.

Best regards



Regarding bookmarks tree view:

  • I’ve documented the keyboard shortcuts in
  • I’ve added (in daily builds) ‘Enter’ shortcut to toggle (collapse if expanded, expand if collapsed) current node. This seems like a good choice for keyboard-only use
  • I’ve added experimental context menu to collapse all / expand all nodes (also in daily builds only)