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Home / Feature Request: “Drag Space” next to the Minimize/Maximize Title Bar Buttons


Problem: Dragging the window around with many tabs open is difficult because of small drag space between tabs and top edge of the window. The current drag space above each tab is hard for me to hit without selecting the tab below, or turning into a resize vertical operator.

Solution: Add a draggable space next to the minimize/maximize buttons. Similar to the way Firefox handles having loads of tabs open, there is always a blank, grabbable space, next to the minimize/maximize/close buttons. it’s looks to be about 1.5 buttons in width.



Apologies for not finding the issue, not surprised it had already been posted.

I kept running into this issue of not being able to grab the title bar when it looked like this:

Note the last tab covering up the grab area and even the min/max/close buttons.

After playing around i found out how to make this happen consistently. If you release the mouse while resizing the tabs don’t finish their resizing which can lead to some interesting results.

To fix it, just switch tabs and the tab bar gets re-rendered exposing the grab space correctly.
I’ll just try to be more conscious of this while resizing or when i need to move the window.

ps,Thanks for all the work put into Sumatra, it really is a great reader.


Thanks, I’ve linked to your post from the GItHub issue above in case any developer ever gets around to looking into this.