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Hello! I new here. I see - sumatra can read many files. But i wonder why it can’t read fb2. It’s very popular (maybe most popular) ebooks files. Maybe you will please add it?


Sumatra does support fb2 (Supported document formats)

If you have a file that doesn’t open please submit a bug report (How to submit bug reports) and provide the file that doesn’t work.


Wow, i did not found this… Ty for page. I will try. I used sumatra pdf long time ago and it had read only pdf (or i lose sight of eye)


Not sure this is a right place to ask about There is no problem with fb2, indeed. But some time ago pre-releases of SumatraPDF stopped to open files, while I remember that earlier releases opened directly. Now I need to unzip a file first, and only then open the obtained fb2 with SumatraPDF. May it be something wrong with my settings?


possibly not

there were some differences in fb2 naming so see if rename to .fb2z helps

since many .open doc formats are .zip with different extensions MuPDF/SumatraPDF sees them as image archive folders like .ora or .cbz thus may open if there is an included image.

As a seperate issue some .fb2 that were opened in the past by SumatraPDF are now rejected by the MuPDF engine so its worth checking against older version for some plain.xml.fb2


@Dicur3x @drkobrin

There has been an improvement in detecting FB2[.zip] in Pre-release 3.4.14200 onwards so try out a newer version


Nice, thank you very much! No problem with now.