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If you Favourite (Ctrl-B) a page that’s already in Favourites it should prefill with what’s currently there enabling mis-spellings to be readily corrected without having to retype the whole. A lot of my Favourites are botanical for example and such things would greatly help!
Thanks, David


There are a few tricks to help with favourites setting.

If you save a bookmark, it is pre-set for the entry

That actually can be a problem and if you want to use your own selection you need to copy to clipboard first then paste

If you need to correct wording then you need to edit (find and replace) it in advanced settings.


If there’s only one I’ve tended to retype, but if several I’ve sometimes used the settings.
The biggest issue I think is when the file itself is renamed as the bookmarks get orphaned.
I think sumatra along with the file path also recorded the Modified TS, Created TS, size and maybe MD5 of a file it could detect if it has been relocated (or likely relocated eg Create stamp matches but not modified - an updated file probably has bookmarks not too far off; a changed Create could indicate copying, and both could change going via FAT32 where MD5 or name + size may be useful) and ask to update the filepath it holds for the bookmarks when that file is opened.


SumatraPDF could not know if a PDF (or other file) is renamed unless you use F2 at which point the filename entry is changed, however the Favorites entry does not get altered until a later flush :blush:

SumatraPDF can try to realign file path changes for missing filename match but even that is problematic for some uses. It should not start searching all drives and folders, in my case with external TB drives that could tie it up for hours

PDFs can have a fingerprint, but it changes with each mod thus could change by highlighting and the same with MD5. For some users (mainly LaTex) the filename and path must be constant whilst the page content is constantly varying second by second


Yes, I wasn’t thinking of a filesearch.
It’s more that we all move PDF etc files around into different folders and adjusting their names as part of our continual organisation and re-organisation, and I was thinking that when a file is launched under its new name (I launch files externally rather than from Favourites), Sumatra might see that there’s an existing entry whose attributes suitably match it (maybe MD5, maybe modified or create stamp etc as outlined) and just ask the user if they want to repoint the entry to it :slight_smile: or with a suitable option automatically do so (eg “5,MS,CS” could mean "autorealign name if MD5, Modified-Size or Create-Size match) - of course I don’t know how practical that is in the current code arrangement, but as a programmatic concept it’s a fairly simple one.
As a side point there I don’t know how possible it would be for Favourites to show just the ones relevant to the files that are actively open, as for me and presumably commonly for others those will be the bookmarks relevant to the task under hand.