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При открытии просмотрщика из Total Commander по кнопке F3, окно не зарывается по кнопе ESC. При открытии файла по двойному щелчку, окно закрывается по кнопке ESC. Версия 3.3.13088. Необходимо отметить, что в версии 2.5.2 все работает и окно в режиме презентации закрывется по ESC.
Что необходимо исправить, чтобы можно было закрывать страницу в режиме просмотра по ESC. Низкий поклон за скорый и конструктивный ответ.

[Translated] When opening the viewer from Total Commander by pressing the F3 button, the window is not closed by pressing the ESC button. When you open a file by double clicking, the window is closed by the ESC button. Version 3.3.13088.

It should be noted that in version 2.5.2 everything works and the window in presentation mode is closed by ESC.

What needs to be fixed so that you can close the page in view mode by ESC?


2.5.x and 3.xxxx “should” behave the same when using ESC from F5 they should both switch from full screen to “windowed”.

Only differing if ESC to exit is also set and the key is recognised as an overide to fully close SumatraPDF window.
2.5.2= 2 x ESC to exit
3.1 +=1 x ESC to exit

I have raised that difference as

2.5.x and 3.3.xxxx may be using 2 seperate locations with different settings ?

There is the settings file entry EscToExit = false OR EscToExit = true

There is also the posibility to call SumatraPDF.exe -esc-to-exit #####.pdf

I do not know how Total Commander may be configured
So look at the way it calls sumatraPDF and at any difference in the 2 ?

Both settings files = SumatraPDF-settings.txt

# For documentation, see

MainWindowBackground = #80fff200
EscToExit = false
# For documentation, see

MainWindowBackground = #80fff200
EscToExit = true
  • Both are reasonable different actions, but nobody else has yet raised the difference as an issue.
  • Can you work with the difference ?

Working solution
Do not use ESC in presentation mode, there are other ways to restore the window.
Use F5 or in English ALT V E or ALT FC
THEN use 1x ESC to Exit SumatraPDF


И в старой версии и в новой версии расширенный параметр установлен: EscToExit = true (экспериментировал по-всякому)
Можно закрыть документ и нажав крестиком, НО каждое телодвижение это время, а время, как известно деньги… Вопрос возник в силу того, что я постоянно работаю с чертежами, поэтому расположение кнопок рядом имеет важное значение (открытие и закрытие двумя кликами).

[Translated] Both in the old version and in the new version, the extended parameter is set: EscToExit = true (I experimented in every way).

You can close the document and click with a cross, BUT every gesture is time, and time, as you know, money…

The question arose due to the fact that I constantly work with drawings, so the location of the buttons next to it is important (opening and closing with two clicks).


I am not understanding the precise issue here

If ESC is what you require and with that setting is NOT closing SumatraPDF 3.3 then there is a problem that does not happen on my machine.

Either TC is interfering or you have another settings file so double check the Advanced options file while presentation mode is active
in english thats ALT + S + A (so it may be ALT + H + P in Russian)


To be clear on your desire tell me where I may make wrong assumption

  • I open Total Commander 9.51x64
  • I select a PDF
  • I use F3 to open that PDF (F3 = drive:\folder\SumatraPDF.exe -presentation "%1" )
  • F3 fires up the new SumatraPDF portable in a folder and the file opens in presentation mode
  • I read the file and press escape once (escape to exit is true)
  • SumatraPDF closes and I am back in TC (no SumatraPDF active)

This is working for me in TC with all newer versions including recent builds
but not older versions which need 2 x Esc for example 3.0 or 2.5

EscToExit = is for sumatraPDF .exe
ESC to exit presentation or Fullscreen does not use that setting
In version 3.1+ EscToExit takes priority over ESC to exit screen mode
again see wider discussion in


Абсолютно верно. Именно так я просматриваю большие объемы чертежей с минимальной потерей времени.
Скорее всего ответ нужно искать в сборке TC. Низкий поклон за отзывчивость. Еще раз все проверю.

[Translated] Absolutely true. That’s how I look at large volumes of drawings with minimal time loss. The answer is most likely to be found in the TC build. Thanks for the quick responses. I’ll check it out again.


Total Commander решил обновить и поставил этот -> Вот тут то и появилась эта проблема. Ранее стоял TCPU70 все работало, но он тяжелый и столько программ и утилит мне не нужно. Мне нужно быстро и легко.

[Translated] Total Commander decided to update and installed this one -> This is where this problem appeared. Previously, there was TCPU70, everything worked, but it is heavy and I don’t need so many programs and utilities. I need it quickly and easily.


Thanks (Низкий поклон за отзывчивость)

I was using clean Total Commander and
SumatraPDF from prerelease

NOT- SumatraPDF (3.3.12434) “Сомнительное дерьмо совместно с Total Commander-ом” (“Doubtful shit with Total Commander”?)

I guess your current version may also be dubious ? or has been added ontop of one of doubtful pedigree.


Допускаю, но я опирался на отзывы при выборе версии ТС. Попробую поискать что-нибудь стабильное. Спасибо.

[Translated] I admit it, but I relied on the reviews when choosing the TC version. I will try to look for something stable. Thanks.


Поставил на другой TC. Вопрос закрыт. Спасибо за помощь.

[Translated] I installed another TC version. The question is closed. Thanks for the help.