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Hi all,

I was helping a client today with his SumatraPDF issue.
I have never seen this issue before and I have never experienced myself.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a note of the full error message so I am going to try my best to write the error messages that I remember.
When I use this command in my client’s computer
SumatraPDF-3.2-64.exe -print-to ‘HP Envy 6000’ -silent .\1613498533440.pdf
It gives this error message response:
“Unexpected token -print-to” and something with “parentcontainserrorrecordexception”

My guess so far is his company has a computer permission policy that prevented this command line to work.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,


  1. using -silent will usually block all messages, thus any feedback for the user to see is masked, The most obvious reply should be either the the printer or the file was not found
  2. the printer name must be "double quoted" and the file ideally an “absolute with path” rather than a .\relative one

Another issue raised here is why is it silent since if you search “silent & print” in this forum you will see many users hit other hidden problems that take much time to resolve in a headless network server environment.


Hi GithubRulesOK,

Thank you for the response.
Yeah the error message wasn’t blocked at all.
It’s as if “-print-to” is not recognized at all by SumatraPDF. It’s very strange.

I will try it again with what you just told me tomorrow.
Thanks again!



Recent user found order was a problem so try -silent before -print-to

see Investigating why Sumatrapdf called from PHP does not print - #4 by Welberg