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HP I5 quadcore 16GB Memory 1tb harddrive
Windows 10 64bit
Sumatra PDF version 3.2 64bit

When I try to print a double sided 20 page pdf, I get a single page with:
ERROR: VMerror
Offending Command" --nostringval–


Printed on it.

Anyone know what is going on?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


SumatraPDF sends the pages as graphics via the MuPDF back-end to Windows which then shoves it through the print driver spool system.

Thus the issue is often high res files with numbers of pages can generate massive spool-files which can exceed either the driver or printers capacity. You can try sending blocks of less pages. e.g 1-10 then 11-20.

SumatraPDF is tied (since after version 3.0) to those problems, hence the first suggestion is always to try a portable copy of version 3.0 with the Print as Image setting disabled.

The alternatives are to look at the print driver options related to optimisation / spool handling or try a different driver for the same printer family e.g. PCL versus PS.

There have been long time open issues with the way the MuPDF engine bloats the printer images, so not much that can be altered in recent SumatraPDF builds.