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ePub Page:goto bug in v3.4.140nn [Fixed in 3.4.14043]

  • Front page is blank
  • Jump to page is not working [ Tab, then put a page number]

Thanks for the Page number issue. Opened [& CLOSED] as

Blank Front Page
will be due to an epub file problem so no fix without a sample.on github, working for me

I see that in pre-release version ePub is now formatting like a book, and
in latest release version with the same settings
ePub is regular view.

3.3.3 release uses old textual ebook UI or FixedPageUI both with one fixed font.

3.4? will be MuPDF ebook render for ePub/mobi Which has better support for ePub1/2 with styles (but may not open some DRM files nor always use/support newer ePub2/3 features)

Please Download 3.4.14043+ (Thanks for spotting that & @KJK for the prompt fix)

In “pre-release build version 14045” now front-page is ok, but
next pages are filled with 'single character per page" text, which
in stable version it is just a few words on single page.

It is possible the ePub is not built correctly but If you think it is a bug in SumatraPDF you need to provide a sample by upload at Issues · sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf ( or if it is private email per How to submit bug reports (