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Dear all,

This is my first hour here and my first question as well.

As shown in the picture

there are huge black bars showing up in a graph, if there is an embedded excel file behind it. The bars are so huge that you can’t see the graph anymore. On the right side of the screenshot, I opened the PDF with Edge, and the huge bars aren’t there. The same goes for a browser or the acrobate PDF reader. I only found Sumatra doing this and it is deeply affecting the graph.

Are there any options to solve this issue - I would like to disable this black bars (the one lecturer has such a graph in every second slide, very annoying).

Many thanks in advance for your help,


For such problems to be resolved
a sample needs to be uploaded (possibly in a zip) and an issue raised at

you could also test it in the latest portable version from


Dear @GitHubRulesOK

Many thanks for this fast reply! Really appreciate! I downloaded the latest pre-release (12063) and I don’t have the problem anymore. It is now some small icon in the middle of the graph (see screenshot below), can be disturbing, but way less that it did with the huge black bars.

Thank you again and cheers!


It would be great if you can share the actual PDF so that the developer can investigate that icon and see if any updates are required to make Sumatra handle it properly. If you don’t want to share the file publicly, you can also send it directly to the dev via email (


Dear @SumatraPeter

Thank you very much for your advice. I sent en Email to the developer with the original PDF.