Edit Sumatra PDF

I converted Word Doc to Sumatra PDF.
I would like to now converted the Sumatra PDF back to Word doc so that I can edit.
Please help. Thank you

Firstly a PDF format file is an Adobe PDF
SumatraPDF is just a competitive viewing / reader app that (usually) does not make any changes.
The 100% method to make a MSword DOC file is to use Microsoft Word, thus import the Adobe PDF.
However the result is certainly not what a user expects (there are many online converters that promise perfect translation, however close as they can get, none can be as good as a native translation done by hand)

You would edit the original Word doc in Microsoft Word. Then if you need to create a newer pdf version, you export doc file again to pdf.

As a general rule, avoid discarding the source file.

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Thanks. To clarify once the doc is converted to PDF then it cannot be reversed, neither can it be edited.
In that case perhaps Sumatra build in these missing features and sell your excellent product.

Reversing (reverse engineering) a pdf file back to a word.doc file is like turning lead back to gold,

Yes it is possible to make it look visually similar but it will NEVER be 100% the same (believe me that is impossible with any currently known product) many products attempt different ways to convince users their one is closest however none can beat rebuilding the file using the original methods inside MS Word. @4evermaat is correct the only viable work flow is “Always work in Word” and produce a fresh pdf copy if required. Adobe PDF is just one print format that has become highly popular because the reader was a giveaway but their editors are highly expensive.

Thank you so much for your time to explain. I am ignorant of the technicalities. I have now resolved the issue. I now make 2 copies of doc and then save in your PDF.
Have a good day!

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