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Duckduckgo and Bing don't link to the right site

While I would blame Duckduckgo and BIng for this problem, I wonder if SEO has anything to do with why Duckduckgo and Bing don’t find this page? It’s been like this for years (at least for Duckduckgo), and they still haven’t fixed it, kind of makes me lose faith in them as a search engine. Bing is worse, because it doesn’t even have the link in the sidebar. Anyways, I wonder if some SEO would be enough to fix the problem, or should Bing and Duckduckgo be left alone, and their users downloading from third party sites?

Thankfully they do mention the official site in the sidebar (Bing is clearer in this regard), but yes, it’s quite unfortunate that both include a crap site like cNet as their primary result:

Wow, didn’t realize bing is so bad and I can’t really explain it or influence it.

It looks like on Google the website ranks no 1 so it’s not bad ranking.

Bing acts as if the website didn’t exist.

Actually, bing doesn’t do that everywhere. This is what it looks like from a Swedish IP address. Duckduckgo is better in this regard.

At least Yandex is smarter than that. I’d say that despite being smaller than the competition, Yandex is surprisingly good. In fact, Yandex image search is better than Google’s, being able to distinguish cartoons from manga for example (even in black and white).

Probably they couldn’t find a reliable Swedish site to draw such info. from for their sidebar. As a fallback why not display the info. in English though I wonder, unless that’ll cause some sort of offence there. Anyway Google’s better than both for sure, but I suppose it’s sort of a vicious circle. The way I see it not as many people use Bing, so it doesn’t ‘learn’ to prioritize results at the rate that Google does. However since it has relatively worse results, not as many people prefer to use it either. And round and round it goes…

I use startpage (ixquick-proxy) by Surfboard Holding BV it adds privacy to google searching

my settings are default english however here is a search with lang set to swedish (thus a bit of both mixed)
note my ad blocker often excludes 3rd party info on the right, so your milage may vary

So going by your screenshot one can conclude that startpage ruins Google search results? :slight_smile: Because Google by itself (even if region is set to Sweden and language to Svenska) always seems to place as the first result.

You may be right
rather than say “Ruins” I would say modifies since the request was “LANG” which it got right about 2/3 sites

here is vanila startpage top 2/3 hits in english and 0/0 for swedish lang

At least, because it’s using Google, Startpage is in fact getting the official website as the first result (except for the ads, which are almost always ridden with malware anyway, which is why everyone should be using an adblocker), the problem stems from the fact that Bing won’t show either a good first result, nor relevant sidebar information, making it the worst offender.