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Hello, I have a question

as you know, comic book files often have double page spread (splash) pages

is there any option available in Sumatra to detect those pages as indeed a double page, and not a single page?

this is how a splash page looks like when I’m using Sumatra to read CBR/ CBZ files

and as you can see, it’s not really ideal to read the panel and dialog boxes that way (especially in a book view)

I don’t know how other reader do it, but they can seem to detect a double page spread as, indeed, a double page

So… any help?


As there is no standard for how those images can be any shape size then it would require either some AI to grasp what users need to specify exactly what it is they expect from each image in terms of page handling. Lengthy discussion at:

Bottom line is the simplest way is to split such images in half so pages are consistently standard and let users flip between book and facing mode at will