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I’ve tried to print book on two sides and I have HP LaserJet P1102w.
It gave me standard Windows print dialog box and I selected:

It printed odd pages but It didn’t show HP dialog box at all, for me to continue print once I manually flip printed pages.

Is there any option in config to help with this?


This is HP print dialog box:


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I am trying to download a driver to emulate that printer but unsure If I will have the same duplex features/settings. I suggest you first test a small 4 page document (2 x double sided) to confirm it is not simply failing on a memory problem.

I see from the driver there are separate options for with and without duplex unit, so if you are using Manual I guess the auto handling is not installed.

My best suggestion is to use the same “Advanced” options as for printers without a duplex unit and print the odd and even pages as two sequential actions