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Home / Does SumatraPDF support dual-screen presentations?


I want to use SumatraPDF to display my BEAMER slides on dual-screen. What should I do?


Sumatra doesn’t support dual-screen display and it’s not planned in the future.


Whilst SumatraPDF is not directly supportive of Beamer slides this is possible within limitations

You need SumatraPDF to be spanning both screens (thus ideally they need to be similar dpi settings)

You need to be running in EITHER Book View or Facing so the notes and presentation pages are paired on the relevant screen.

The presentation screen will dictate positioning so the drivers “notes” screen would “ideally” need to be the “bigger one” in terms of “resolution” but not physical size Thus The auditorium screen can be a screen projector at 1024 x 768 whilst the drivers screen can be 13" laptop 1200 x 800

Much will depend on the ability to click on the page forward icon so the two pages run in sync
here is my dual screen shot with the hi res driver on the left and the presentation output on the right