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Home / Disable auto scrolling with middle mouse button?


By default, a middle mouse click turns on autoscrolling (scrolling with mouse movement). I would like to disable this behavior. (I want to keep scrolling when I rotate the mouse wheel, just not when I click it.)

Is there any way to do this?


Middle scrolling is a mouse/pad hardware driver function not controlled by SumatraPDF so to stop it working for example in this browser I need to find the mouse controls and change them.

In some cases (better hardware drivers) you can set the actions per application so you would set a different action when the mouse finds SumatraPDF as its focus.

The simplest way if you are using a budget mouse is to use an AutoHotKey script that targets SumatraPDF thus allowing any mod of keyboard and mouse actions.
I would also recommend for a wide range of customisation