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Currently when you open a file with favorites, the favorites are all collapsed.
If you want to go to a favorite, you have to locate the file in the favorites and expand it. However if you have a lot of files (especially with similar titles) all with favorites it can be a problem spotting it to expand it!
So I could suggest the following -

  1. Highlight in the favorites the current file when opened where present (eg. the grey background you get when clicking in it - although fore/back colours could be set in the settings, people are fussy about colours!). This would be very useful and might be sufficient. This would happen on opening a new file or opening the favorites.
  2. In addition to (1) right-clicking a file display you have the ‘Show Favorites’ action - it would be useful also to have a ‘Show Favorites Expanded’ which I think would be the same but expand the favorites for the current file and collapse the favorites of all others, since you may have a lot of expanded favorite sets.
    Cheers, David

Your requests are reasonable and should probably be raised as an Issue

However most of your request is possibly addressed by a new virtual “bookmarks” feature
Screen 1 as you rightly say starts with favorites collapsed
In screen 2 I have already manually expanded them then opened an identical vbkm
That is I took nearly the same amount of time to add identical “favorites” as “new bookmarks”

The differences are
I may resume where I left it
A complaint is it auto expands since
The highlighted entry follows my reading position
so I frequently use collapse all and let it auto expand as required
You can add color, bold or italic to highlight entries

You can still add favorites temporarilly to the advanced settings file however the .vbkm entries are more robustly kept in seperate files that can be backed up and thus more easily edited either with ToC editor or notepad.

It is experimental and in general not yet working well since page numbers need to be modified to reflect the new sequence. (In my example it is more time consuming to follow the unusual second file numbering)
It may thus only help in some simpler cases where well defined similar sets of info are desired to be stored in groups


Thanks GHRO - just downloaded and having a look now (3.3.13088), which I’d not yet done after my last post.
I made a .vbkm file from it and that’s good as it’s easy to edit in Notepad2 for useful bulk edit purposes - I’ll have to have a think about its implications though!


Editing the page number entries can be a bit odd in some cases as you need to add the total of previous entries to current thus in my example second page numbers are +24


I think what the Sumatra editor would benefit from is a style-paster so you can create the basic entries then select a style and click the items you want in that style. Perhaps the bottom of the dialog could have style parameters (maybe a button) that lets you choose style settings to apply.
Esp useful, named styles. I think named styles would need to be global, but the bookmark entries could themselves duplicate the values (perhaps simply by listing the used styles at the end) so there’s a fall-back when the global named styles are not there (useful if you send it to someone) but get refreshed on usage/save.
Also a shortcut for indent/unindent eg shift arrow-left/right - surprised a double-space was used in the source rather than a tab, but I guess spaces are universal.
I see dragging a bookmark drags its subentries which is good.
Cheers, David


It is presently back burner “Work In Progress” (Annotation is current WIP) so styles could be a long time coming :slight_smile: