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I’ve recently discovered that you can zoom to a highlighted area with the use of the + key as per topic description. Great stuff!

I was wondering whether there could be a single keystroke to zoom immediately to the selected area rather than multiple (+) keystrokes based on the zoom percentage scale?

I.e. select a particular area of PDF via the ctrl + left mouse, then a single keystroke to zoom to this exact location? (fit selection)

Is this possible?


I’ve opened to track this request.


You can also place the mouse in the area that you want to zoom into, hold the right mouse button down and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out - no keystrokes required at all.


Thanks for the reminder, that the zoom works where the focus is, however for touchscreen there is not a single focus and the zoom for those users works around top left origin, not the mid point between digits. that is covered by issue

There is as per above point of focus a semi woraround since if you can double tap a selectable word or right click to select all then the pinch to zoom tends to work about that word or the whole page as pinch points !