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Hello everyone
Sumatra is a fantastic pdf reader, it works in several formats and is lightweight.
I like to open rar files that contain for example a magazine in pdf.
I would like to generate my pdf files inside the rar.
But I can not, it gives an error message, I do not understand why.
I ask for help from someone who can help me.
I tried to compress with several versions of winrar 4.20, 5.01, 5.31 …
I wait and thank you.


Sumatra only supports RARs/CBRs with JPG/PNG etc. images inside. It can’t open PDFs packaged inside RARs.

Extract the PDFs from the RARs, optionally delete the RARs and open the PDFs with Sumatra, simple.


I think there is a function in 7zip that allows to see the pdfs inside a zip or rar and thus would let you view externally with a default app e.g. SumatraPDF. but I have not tested in a long time so may be wrong. There are also file explorers that do similar (show the contents of archives and view in the default app) we often get queries about dopus etc.


Technically speaking it can be done of course, with any archive format. Extract the file if it’s small enough to RAM and view it directly from there, or to a temp folder first if it’s a large file or the format requires it (for example a solid archive might require complete extraction). Any app be it 7-Zip or Dopus or whatever must be doing the same. Now whether it makes sense for Sumatra, and if it does whether it will be implemented at all, are completely different questions.