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Hello, how are you?

Thanks for your work.

I was asking myselft if it would be possible to create a side widget with all the files listed, that would make focus on the selected file?
Do you think it would be easy to do as a plugin or something?

I would find it very practical for working with a lot of files,…and for taking advantages of the marvellous performance of this software!

Thank you very much!

Best regards.
I’m classical musician.


The “Widget” is already there (there was a second experimental virtual one but had issues so dropped)
Favorites is a means to build a list of frequent file references, you can add just the first page or multiple pages to go to, The trick is to use it effectively (Remove old entries and keep it to a reasonable set of entries. Not every page you open)

Be aware the list is stored in advanced settings so back that up if you customise your list with many entries. And it is possible to start SumatraPDF with different settings files so you can have favorite Utility Bills :slight_smile: or a Fiction List rather than all your programming references.


Thanks GitHubRulesOK! :slight_smile:

What I am proposing is adding one more option that would be “Opened Files”, or “Navigation” or something else that would list all the opened files by its name and extension, for example:
Navigation [x]
[History of Humanity Vol1.pdf]
[Programming on Python for noobs.pdf]

So you could scroll down and up, and if u click, this file get focus.
The problem I would like to avoid is that it’s difficult to navigate through tabs when there are some amount of them as u cant see the tittle!

Do you thing this would be doable?
Thank you very much!


somewhere I show how to build that current list via cmd line for another app to use or save one by one to be deleted later when closed.
You do know the latest pre-release has tooltips?


No I didn’t know that it now has tooltips!
This is great!

In any case, I’m not capable myself of programming this idea, as I am just a noob programmer, and pro musician.

I find very powerful been able to have a lot of very big files being very well managed, and at the same time I miss this usability aspect

I think, as we all multitask, and have a lot of different workflows, and dealing with the files that way, as a lot of editors do, would improve this aspect.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


no need to program it is cut and paste.
save a block of commands as doit4me.cmd
in settings you add a block to call the cmd
pick the one of many examples I give.

Your desire for a side bar of current existing files is not an easy task, there are many long standing open requests for similar. The best my cmd addins can do is build the command file for you, but you need to decide what it does next, so it is possible it builds a web file to open in a browser with the current list then you could click on the filename to open in Edge but such customisation is not just a small matter of writing just a few lines, many of my scripts become 100 lines very quickly.

One user wanted to customise for Dual screen Presentations we got there in the end but it was lots of trial and error Current page number of the page displayed for presentations


What I am proposing is a list only with the files that are at this moment opened in Sumatra,…only the files that has been opened and are as tabs.
That last would be easier?


That’s roughly what the linked example Open files from *MULTIPLE* tabs in Acrobat (or other app) - #4 by GitHubRulesOK does

The user wanted to list and open all the same tabs in acrobat at the same time.


I dont know if I’expressing clear myself,…
Or maybe I dont understand the answer or maybe both. :smiley:

What I’m proposing is having a list in sumatra with all the files at this moment opened in sumatra listed in this list,…and that after clicking in some item of the list, this tab would get focus in sumatra. It is the same? :slight_smile:


building a list of files as a list is just step1 (easy)
to include that as a sidebar in SumatraPDF is step 1,000,001 (everybody wants somebody do it and nobody is)

However using the list of files can be used to RECALL SumatraPDF with any entry if there is some means to do that, so I sometimes use a command line sidebar file launcher to call other apps with the current files.
This is usually vertical parked on the left but for this comment its horizontal so I can send one current tabbed file to many apps for testing.

I could adapt to show one icon per file (it would be the same icon each time) but the filename would only be a tooltip exactly the same as hovering over the tab inside SumatraPDF thus little gain for me to do so.


Thanks!!! I got it now! :slight_smile:

So,…I’m building and app with Qt for editing music doing something like this it is not that difficult at all,… I show you an example.

It is not easy to add something like that in sumatra as and addon, plugin or something similar?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Currently there is no “plugin” system (that could always change) some Harbour application programmers use SumatraPDF similar to the way you desire


Amazing! Thank you very much for this link, this is what I was waiting for, something like that!!! Appreciate it very much!!! :smiley: Great!


Maybe that would be interesting to implement some layer for customization.
I think a very good example could be notepad++, that is very similar to sumatra in the sense that is focused on performance, it is also for windows, and have a couple or more good layers for implementing customization plugins.

But I’m not going to make it, I just leave it here as a proposal,…to improve this marvellous software! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


Plugin functions may be possible in the future but Notepad++ only deals with one file structure e.g. simple plain text in its many guises. SumatraPDF has to deal with dozens of ways text and more significantly graphics and also images can be stored or displayed from different types of file container e.g. inside a zip or rar or many others. A plugin for one engine needs to consider all of the others. Bookmarks for zip folder contents are not like PDF links etc. One simple case of listing current files needs to be taken in context that others will want expansion for export or dark background !


My current thinking is to implement a “Command Palette”, like in Visual Studio Code (or Spotlight-like Mac OS interface).

Ctrl-P would bring the list of currently opened files + history, to allow quick switching between files.

Ctrl-Shift-P would be commands so that you can quickly execute any command available via menu or keyboard shortcut.

Maybe in 3.5.


Thanks kjk!

I like also the “more static approach” of having the list of all the files in the side bar,…but,…it is just my thinking.
I use to work in research in the field of music and usually I have a lot of files that are related and would like to have that option of “at first sight” navigation.

So I do in my mind different workflows, that goes with different files,…so I have scores, technical books, small research papers, and that could add a considerable amount of “crossed workflows”,…but anyway,…that is my personal thinking and proposition, that would be complementary to the “command palette” approach.

Thanks kjk!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link!!! GitHubRulesOK!!! I guess I have more than 100 pdfs in that folder and now I can navigate through them! :smiley:



Good morning! :slight_smile:

I have been thinking a little bit and I was asking myself what is going to be with this “auxiliary project” that you sent to me.

It is going to remain in the dark shadows or there would be the possibilitie of develooping a “fork” from here?
I see this project could evolve in the direction of creating “workspace”, complex sessions and stuff like that.

Do you know if there is any plan for evolving it?

Also I see several directions for possible evolution:

  1. One would go in the direction of developing a better editor capabilities
  2. Improving what already have.
  3. Evolving the direction of creating workspaces and more elaborated static configuration set up!

Anyway,…thank u very much for your work and dedication, and congratulations! :slight_smile:


Thank you ! I have discovered new features of the application and it is very convenient. Thanks again for the tips and the work done !