Could there be a TTS add-on?

Because need to read lot of things, in PDF, mobi and so on.

Do hope there could be TTS function.

Have you tried using Windows Narrator?

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SumatraPeter is probably pointing you towards using narrator (or NVDA) for PDF, XPS, DjVu

It was available using the pre release version

I have not tried this recently perhaps you could report your findings with other formats for more info see

I am using Narrator, but it is not ok for Sumatra PDF reader.

Try it and you will see how it is.

I would like to have something like the TTS function in MoonReader on Android OS.

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ALso wanting to have this feature. And also can confirm that windows 10 narrator is not working properly with sumatra. (it only reads the tab title)

Any update in 2020?

The experimental support for TTS never really worked in windows since the days of XP

Narrator WILL work well describing the peripheral keyboard and menu controls (including those hotkey options when not showing)
It could not be expected to read the core body of comic images or other scanned PDF image formats etc.

You can copy and paste pieces of text into the find box which is then read by narrator, or for larger amounts use a TTSapp such as this one
but why bother when there is a perfectly suitable built-in app in Windows 10 that is designed for reading textual PDF contents

So it is best to launch those documents that will support TTS into MicrosoftEdgeReader,

That could be done also with .epub from SumatraPDF (more easily in the past) however Microsoft consider that a restricted action so such actions are now less accessible!

From 2019

Microsoft Edge will no longer support e-books that use the .epub file extension.

So the best alternative TTS readers may need to include Firefox or Chrome add-ins, however note that Chrome will soon be dropping support for apps like Readium