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How do you enable copy and paste in using Sumatra as a pdf reader


Hi Joe

There are many types of pdf and thus cut and paste will behave differently in each of them

If the PDF is unprotected and has valid working text it should be possible to double click one word or swipe across the text and right click will show Copy Selection

If the text is Copy protected then you can only copy that text as an image (and paste into another application.)

If the text is part of an image, embedded in or forming the whole page, then double click will highlight the image or page and again right click has copy selection but also a better option to copy image.

In all cases there is no method to paste anything into SumatraPDF since it is not an editor.


In addition to what GitHubRulesOK has written, what file type(s) specifically are you trying to copy-paste from? If it’s ebook formats such as EPUB, MOBI etc. then you can find a workaround here: