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Can you please implement a command line option anolog to the Acrobat start option
/A "&search="xyz
to open the document and position on the first ocurrence of “xyz”?.
If so, I can get rid of Acrobat completely…

Thanks in advance,


I wrote a workaround and it is an old rough personal attempt that’s not tested with current version, but may with adaptions suit your scripted usage it is a vbs wscript sendkeys fiddle using %FindString% //job:VBSS so can be unreliable in keeping focused.
MyNotes/LookInClass.cmd at master · GitHubRulesOK/MyNotes

Note see next comment means the script will need a mahousive overhaul


@JoWeb-de I’ve added a -search options (as well as [Search("<file>","<search-term>")] DDE command).
It’s available in pre-release build 14125 or later


Hi kjk,
great! I tried your prerelease, and it’s just what I wanted. Thank you.