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The “-page” and “-named” option are used to display the requested page directly.
Can you add an occurrence number in “-named-dest” so that you can open a different bookmark than the first one?
Can you add the direct opening on a word/phrase search and also with an occurrence number?
Thank you.


the use of #page=# or named destination is mandated by adobe as used by acrobat and there are more complicated constructs to target secondary entries, however it is best not to build such dual entries in the first place. It is a bad or ignorant author that forces such command line contortions.

Somewhere in the forum you will find I wrote a CMD/VBS based script to try to address such a failing since I needed something similar, but I would not have written it to goto nameddest 3, however you might be able to easily boost it to do so.

I think your request is in general covered by



[EN] the goal is to use my intranet to open PDFs directly in the right location. So I’m not going to ask the user to re-enter in a search field.

[FR] l’objectif est d’utiliser mon intranet pour ouvrir des PDF directement au bon emplacement. Donc, je ne vais pas demander à l’utilisateur de saisir à nouveau dans un champ de recherche.


That requires adding unique destinations in the PDF which Acrobat can do. see the third option at PDF Open Parameters

However SumatraPDF only emulates the first Page & ZoomTo X,Y (precise) or second Goto first matching name in the outline (next best), there is no programmable search for a “word string” (which is possible with Acrobat) Just first matching string as each character is entered, and that easily fails in PDFs where the hidden words are not simple plain text so w can easily be found if its included but “w o r d” will not be found when “word” is searched. A searchable PDF contents, most definitely is not what you see.

Note the developer KJK has just opened your request as an Issue