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Friends, In sumatra pdf when opening more than four or five tabs the tab size automatically decrease to fit the screen, but when we close those tabs, it won’t wait for a moment and it changes its size immediately which make it difficult to close tabs with mouse. In Chrome they have noticed this issue and made it to freeze to the previous size of the tab, until the required tabs are closed. If you could Improve it, it will be Useful…

And consider improving the icon image of sumatra pdf…


Keep smaller tabs @ same size?
That’s a variation on previous requests to maximise them somehow.

You can set for example the TabWidth = 100 in Settings > Advanced Options then they don’t resize as often when closing, but same as a browser the ones to the right will move, In fact the behaviour of resize on closing tabs in Edge is very similar to SumatraPDF, its just that I often use only 4-5 horizontal tabs. If I want more in Edge I usually switch to vertical.