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I have opened multiple PDF files with multiple Sumatra windows.

Is there a way to close all these windows? It would be great if there is even a command line version for that.



Much depends how you open them
and other settings
To close all files (there is an option to remember active tabs) use standard top right cross or Alt+F4. You can also use the Alt keys for your language in english it is Alt+F+x or you can use Ctrl + Q or set EscToExit = true in advanced settings.

To close single active files there is only the close option at right of each tab or Ctrl+W plus the Alt keys for your language in english it is Alt+F+C

Unlike some other latex viewers there was generally no need to close files (using DDE to simply reload next ONE to replace current ) thus there was no need for a command line option to close files (only open one file and reuse instance until done). It may be possible to manipulate the tabs in the settings-file however I would certainly NOT recommend that as such manipulation it is prone to causing file errors. Best to control a single file / page at a time

If you have opened multiple sessions it is more difficult to control them the best way if you are using a programmable approach may be to use windows killtask but again thats not a recommended way of controlling apps and will certainly upset sumatrapdf file storage of settings.