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Hi, Since Microsoft is unable to secure there own applications when it comes to displaying a .CHM file in a network enviroment, I turned to Sumatra who as a nice way of displaying the files. Even better it can open multiple CHM files when Microsoft has to run multiple instances of WinHelp32. But I still have a few questions abouit Sumatra.

  1. The search (Find:) field shows in the toolbar on opening but disapear when opening a .CHM file. Is it normal ?

  2. When using the search function it only search in the text portion of the document. Is there a way to enable a search within the treeview portion or to display an index of all the sub topics of the document ?

  3. Is there a way to expand or collapse all of the titles in the treeview ?




hi @mephisto

There are two modes for viewing CHM you change between them in settings advanced options

ChmUI [
UseFixedPageUI = false
ChmUI [
UseFixedPageUI = true

the second mode includes the search facility since the document is then treated as a multi page unit
Disadvantage is it is rendered in a different fashion thus tables and other graphic objects are usually “cruder” in appearance
it can be searched and printed as if its one object (try “continuous view”)

  1. searching in the treview (bookmarks) has been raised as an issue

  2. Expansion/contraction of treeview in “Bookmarks” depends on the author using nesting. If there is only one level per topic there is nothing to contract and all topics stay showing.
    there have been improvements in pre-release which should be available in next full release see