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Is it possible to change the text box size of Free Text? (I’m using v3.3.3)
Currently the default size is “Rect: x=398 y=466 dx=200 dy=100” (What are dx and dy anyway?)


x= and y= are the placement positions, dx = delta x = width, currently fixed as 200, similarly height (dy) is fixed as 100, the ability to drag will alter x= and y= but to make handles so as to alter dx & dy is much more complex, like edge detection, thus still Work In Progress.


Thank you @GitHubRulesOK .
I suppose a crude workaround is to use manual line breaks. However, there is a huge space between lines created by Enter or Ctrl+Enter, as the screenshot below shows. Is there a fix to this?



Workarounds are to either use the wraparound nature

OR interleave two free text boxes as shown in


Annotation feature is great - thanks!

What about adding the ability to manually edit the values of dx and dy in the editor?
Easier than adding handles …


adjusting dx dy was requested in

Older acrobat could not do that, since once fixed, generally that annot object needs to be destroyed and new one rebuilt. However if not saved it would be nice if adjustable.