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I cannot see the title of any tabs, and there is no reference to the tab color #C6DEFF anywhere in the settings menu. It’s very annoying having to guess what tab is where. Is there a way to change this, or do I need to disable tabs until it is implemented?


Is this 3.1.2 or a pre-release version with theme support?

User-definable tab colors don’t seem to have been implemented yet, although someone was apparently working on the feature:


has this been implemented and/or distributed? i’m also having problems with tab colouring, and it would be nice to set so that it is completely unambiguous…



Hello all,

I usually have quite some PDFs open in Sumatra and I cycle throught them a lot. It happens me quite some times that I close down the wrong PDF. Is it possible to give a distinct or special colour or marking to the tab of an PDF that is open? At this moment the shades of blue confuse me more than it helps.



Multiple issues on GitHub (some closed, other duplicates still open):

Also related - general theming issues:


Dear sir
I love how much fast this app is and clean but I would like to request small feature which is option to make tab coloured like green or red as i open many files sometimes i need to go back to important file over and over and you know 12 files open or more titles become unclear so color can be really useful in this time

I just opened account to ask kindly to consider this if it is doable and I will greatful ,also I think highlight feature is requested long time so i hope this also implemented some day



I would like to change the colors on the tabs of Sumatra, so that the selected tab is a very different color from the background tabs. Now, white is selected, grey is background. These colors are not enough of a contrast for me.

Is this possible?


Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible.


Thanks. I have yet to come across the perfect PDF reader, but if this is the worst issue I have with Sumatra, then it will remain my default. Other than this, I really like how quick it is, and it is still responsive opening up larger files as well. OK I’ll live with the tabs like they are.


would love to have this feature, too… i can tell, but i have to look really closely; it definitely isn’t easy… thanks


SumatraPDF is an application within windows

So theming is controlled by WINDOWS and controls are themed by WINDOWS

So use a WINDOWS theming app to change windows features such as scrollbars title colours background skins etc. they are best suited to address all the removed user customisation features in windows 10H(istoric). and the soon to be released new windows 10Xp ires.


I will admit the one thing I did need to hand modify IS the colour of the tabs as they are set to windows defaults by SumatraPDF, so the same basic method to change tabs as we did in the early 1980’s is learn how to apply a peek patch and poke.

“the following POKE command is directed at a specific register of the Commodore 64’s built-in VIC-II graphics chip, which will make the screen border turn black:
POKE 53280, 0”.

So here it is in raw windows without any theming app active (apart from using windows basic defaults) so these tab colours (DE DE 99 , 99 99 99 , DE 99 DE ) are as hexed by hand .