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Is there a way to disable align-justify and make it align-left instead???
I really don’t like reading epub novels with justified align.
Thank you.


There is no option to do that.


When reading e-pub files the default mode is with reflow active which will usually include justification.
If you switch to fixed mode then the reflow will be lost but other features become available such as search etc.

To test the other mode go to Settings > Advanced Options and in the EbookUI section change the line UseFixedPageUI = false to UseFixedPageUI = true

You need to close and reopen the e-pub to see the difference.
Some prefer one mode to the other and you can easily reverse it back.


For .epub format, how can we set justification to “Left Justify”?


Nicholas Kormanik


It’s not possible to change justification.


Not possible??

Never say that. Of course it’s possible!


Without wishing to start a bun fight, more by way of explanation to inform others trending to add “me too”

The e-book document author sets justification intent to ragged right/left or reflowing (with justification implied)

SumatraPDF is not an editor so does not attempt to modify those intents. As a reader it simply endeavours to match them (most times with success).

As it stands one possibility is to change the internal reading engine(s). However, even if changed to MuPDF for ePub documents the “justification” will still likely be down to that library maintaining the authors intents.


What kjk quite obviously meant was, “It’s currently not possible to change justification.” Of course it’s technically possible to program, but for that to happen someone naturally has to decide to put in the work required.


Hmmm. Well, as a reader it would be so nice to be able to adjust the justification.

Maybe the original author also wants you to use a particular font. Or font size.

I’m sure glad those, too, aren’t rigid in stone.