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Hi all,
I am using Sumatra with a pair of 76-year-old eyes that most of the time have un-necessary difficulty discerning the slider from the scroll bar. This is because the slider is the same color as the scroll bar and there is insufficient contrast between the two. I looked in the advanced settings to see if I could tweek something but no joy. Is there a tweek I can add to the advanced settings?



Colors were better supported before on windows xp vista or 7 then came metro colours and system colours dont work especially in 10. (Theming has long been needing an overhaul but its a gargantuan task needing too many changes for now.)

The scrollbars are managed by windows as can be seen if you switch to high contrast, but its a mess !

The best solution for customisation is a product like windows blinds.


Thank you for your reply… I am using Windows Blinds and it’s Corporate style. It works well for 98 + percent of my apps. Three standouts that don’t play well with it are Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Sumatra. I looked at the screenshots for Sumatra and noticed there was a bit more contrast between the slider and the scrollbar than I was seeing on my screen. My computer is a laptop connected to HDMI big screen and it occurred to me to check the laptop screen to see if it looks better. It looks slightly better. I tried tweeking Windows Blinds in the style I am using but no joy. I may have change to a different style. Anyway, thank you for your quick and clear response!