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is it possible to change the appearance of the mouse pointer, e.g. to something similar to a laser pointer?




Pointers are controlled by Windows schemes, so its perfectly possible but not via SumatraPDF.

For laser pointer I think you would need a 3rd party app to switch to/from standard to icon desired and back again. I just tried an icon editor and simply drew a line with a dot at the end.

Beware its not just one cursor but one from a set of 15 !

However you can get into serious problems when changing from the default since using windows itself my cursor is now erratic sizes colours and shapes. Ensure you backup setting with a restore point, so you can roll back to previous familiar state.


Ok, just as I was afraid of (but thanks!). I have tried with a svg converted to cur, but there are two cons: The minimal size I could realize is too large (for my opinion) and the mouse pointer is at the northwest corner of the square surrounding my circle.

It was just a try, so I’ll be happy with the current mouse pointer.


A quick search led me to this site:

Within that site, search for “laser” and you’ll find a number of free schemes available.

NOTE: I neither use nor endorse any content from the above web site, I only found it for you. You assume any and all risk by using their content.



Yes that was the one I used for my tests, good for animated cursors etc. but note my caution that messing with windows defaults is not to be taken lightly on your working set-up. Always test on a system that you can restore easily.