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Capture function

Can a simple capture function be added to Sumatrapdf?

That ability is provided by windows system. Select text and paste into notepad (or save all to text) select graphic and post into paint, select page(s) and do either (note windows clipboard and paint only allows one graphic page at a time) for more elaborate area selection use CTRL left click to start then release ctrl. Similar captures are provided by windows snipping tool etc. 3rd party apps (your choice) provide OCR snipping.

Win10 1809 onwards has a ‘cloud’ clipboard with history that some people might like to turn on.

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Thanks for the heads up, however initial testing with old paint and new paint 3D suggest that statement still stands only one image page at a time via clipboard, unless multiple windows open in a wide screen grab :slight_smile:

Yes, only the new clipboard supports multiple items but Paint hasn’t changed in this regard. I don’t think it would be wise either on pasting to automatically create multiple image pages in Paint corresponding to all the images currently in the clipboard. :slight_smile:

A method to copy multiple sections of text has been described in How to copy multiple text objects and preserve last zoom/scroll state

If you use the pre-release version you can copy ANY protected selectable text, but the example plugin has not been designed to handle image areas. P.S if you press A with pre-release you can also highlight the areas selected as you go along making your selections.