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Hi, I’ve just installed SumatraPDF (v 3.1.2 on Win7-32). I can’t see filenames on tabs, similar to what CIA posted on 9/7/17. I see others’ screenshots that show filenames on the tabs, so it looks like it’s supposed to show. Is there a setting to enable filenames/titles or a change to the tab font color? This is the same situation for me with both the full install and portable version, or the portable run from a flash drive. thanks!


Are you using a non-standard theme?

Can you post a screenshot?

There was an issue related to win7/classic theme fixed ( but it’s slightly different.

A pre-release might not have this problem:


The theme is pretty close to default, I think. It says windows classic for colors, with a plain blue background.

I tried the prerelease portable version, which gave different colors but still no document titles on the tabs. Screenshot of 3.1.2 portable attached (I think!).


This might be an issue of picking the wrong text color in the tab, in which case it could be fixed by changing the theme.

Or it could be GDI+ corruption / outdated system, but I’m just guessing. This hasn’t been reported by other people. In general tabs do show text.


It seems to be tied to the Windows Classic theme on this particular box. Aero themes and Windows 7 Basic theme work as expected for both the Sumatra prerelease version and v.3.1.2: text on tabs. Sumatra PDF behaves correctly here on a Win 7 laptop on the Dell and Windows default themes.

Thanks for your attention. I’ll change the theme or live with it.