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Building the installer

after some time I wanted to rebuild sumatrapdf only to discover the installer project was gone from the vs solution, the same is true for the premake5.lua while there use to be a section regarding the installer now it’s gone, how is the sumatrapdf installer build nowadays?

I see the main exe now doubles for the installer and that’s why it’s so bigger, I’m not sure this is a good idea seeing how it’s small size was one of sumatrapdf’s features, keeping all the dlls in the main exe after install is strange, but it’s Krzysztof’s choice.

Hi ianis I would be interested to see your latest compile.
sorry had written this before I saw your second post

there is NO installer it is ONE-EXE (installer, payload carrier, run time exe & uninstaller)

AFAIK there has been no significant change to
That is the daily build process is triggered by do-it.bat
The premake5.files.lua was updated as recently as 2 days ago

I haven’t tested it too much, I can see that some defines have been removed.
The 64bit portable can not be packed with upx, but as far as I can tell the thumb preview still works for all formats and the you can still copy text from restricted pdf.
my current build can be found here

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@ianas first look is not bad not a complaint but there are a few oddities
32bit 12458 portable built on daily code behaves as if its 3.3 full release
so no annotation or debug menu and oddly says there is a newer 3.3.12434 ! :slight_smile:

p.s. I generally prefer NO upx (its easier to mod / usually quicker to run / less risk of corruption on unpacking / less likely to trigger anti-virus and users can do their own packing if they wish)

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I don’t tweak any of the code I just edit the premake5.lua file to enable the experimental features to build for the release build they’re only active for debug builds, I haven’t tried the 32 bit version yet, I just reinstalled windows so it’s going to take me some time to get visual studio community and all the other apps installed before I can do a rebuild.

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did you test the 32bit installer on 32bit windows as the preview handlers don’t work with 64bit explorer.

No I only tested 32bit & 64 bit portable on x64 to see any basic differences

my 32bit machine is not always on to test installing preview

I have several 64 bit versions on this machine that would clash with another 64 bit installer