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I downloaded a pdf format book online. And I added bookmarks to make it easier to find chapters.

But Sumatra PDF couldn’t jump to the right page when I click the bookmarks I made. It always jumps to the page after the right one.

I use Foxit PDF Editor, at first I thought it was its fault. But after I edit the PDF file in Acrobat, the same mistake occurs. But, the PDF file was fine in Foxit PDF Editor, Foxit PDF Viewer, Acrobat Editor, Acrobat Viewer.

So, I was wondering if something is wrong with Sumatra PDF. But I have a much larger file with lots of bookmarks and Sumatra PDF had zero problem navigating chapters.

Anyways, thank you all for listen to my gibberish and if you could help me solve this I’ll be very grateful.

Here is the PDF file.


A smaller sample would help :slight_smile: since 81 MB is a slow download out here
anyway at first glance it looks like the numbering since pages 1-7 are A B C D … and page 8 is 1
The page numbers are usually translated from 0 - 9999 as 1-10000, so I think there may a mis-match of the location of 0, unclear at this stage if it is a bug in the file or a bug in SumatraPDF since the first bookmark down jumps to Page 9 =1 (obviously not right)

On second look the problem is more down to position since in page mode they behave correctly but are located at bottom of page, thus it appears Sumatra is mislead in continuous mode to thinking the bookmark refers to the page after the break.
So I think its 50 - 50 e.g. avoid placing bookmarks at bottom edge (that’s not usual in the west)
@kjk can possibly shed more light on exactly where the bookmarks are to be found


thank you for your reply, but the first problem you pointed out is not the main reason why it happened. Because even if I didn’t change the page number, the problem still exists.

Even if I delete all the bookmarks and create a new bookmark on the first page, it still jumps to the next page.

Thanks again.