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When a bookmark is clicked, it doesn’t open. It works on older pdf files/

Is there a way to set this up somewhere, or

does Sumatra not support bookmarks on newer pdf files?


SumatraPDF works with most bookmarks (and there are many types including its own)
It is best to supply a sample pdf to
However if it is a faulty one (badly constructed file) it is unlikely the program will be changed just to suite a bad author.


Thanks for the sample, which turns out to have a faulty outline table.

I would beware of wherever you obtained that copy, it smacks of having been modified. My suspicion is that it was badly corrupted by mouser electronics adding an advertisement page to an old copy and at the same time adjusting the file security without simply updating the file to the manufacturers own amended current copy.

The only recourse, as I see it, is to get the newer official 2018 working copy from
which includes

rev C 02/2018
• Packaging Information – Updated package drawings
• Updated Errata
rev B 01/2018
• Accessing 16-Bit Registers – Updated bit sequence for write operation
• Updated Figure 9-2
• Updated capacitances in Table 11-3 and Table 11-7
• Removed JTAG-related bits as ATmega328PB does not support JTAG
• Corrected registers TCCR1C and TCCR3C
• Updated Errata


BEWARE the modified version you had has a serious known error that was corrected In the current version see

Out of Interest I tried a number of PDF repair workflows, which first ment stripping the stupid you cant fix me security.
A commercial (no names to save embarrassment) pdf repair tool was totally flummoxed by the stupid changes that were made and blanked all the page contents to match the invalid bookmarks !
A freeware repair tool could allow all the entries to be corrected however as a manual job it would be too time consuming.
My FlexiPDF editor did a reasonable repair to all the links but added a few extra ones that then meant I would need to spend some time tweaking the entries, but quicker than changing them all by hand.

Since the result even if perfect would then provide a known erroneous content that’s where I am dropping any attempts to fix it, even for my own curiosity.


thank you for looking into this. I didn’t expect a big company like Microchip to make a huge mistake like that and then release the datasheet without even proof reading it. I guess anything is possible.