Bookmark panel width constraints


The minimum width of the bookmarks panel that can be set by the user is about 150 pixels.
Unfortunately, I did not find a way to remove this restriction and set a smaller minimum panel width.
Tell me, please, how to do this.


the default is 231 pix and as you note minimum is 150, this is hard coded so would need to raise an issue on git-hub requesting a change or compile your own copy


This is unlikely to change.

The limit is there for a reason: so that you don’t squish that panel too much by accident.


I think the point being made by the example was that there are many cases such as drawing levels where the contents are intentionally kept short and thus the contents panel can be narower to increase visible page width, would it not be an easy enhancement (since there is a default 231) to reduce the Min to say 20 so that it cannot be less than a character ?


F12 will hide/show this panel so it can be used instead of making it very small.


The reason is clear, but it is unclear why such a large constraint is chosen. One could limit something more explainable, for example, the width of the word “Bookmarks” in the title bar.

I tried to illustrate in the screenshot at the beginning of the topic, how annoyingly the void of the bookmarks panel looks.

The proposal to just close the panel is amusing. You bought the TV, but there is no volume control on the console - the seller first said that it’s protection from the fact that you accidentally break your finger. and then just suggested that you turn off the TV if it sounds too loud in your opinion.


I’ll be honest - I see no good reason for not making this simple change. 20 or even 50px say would ensure the panel isn’t technically open yet all but invisible (possibly leading to complaints), and at the same time it would enable those who have documents with short bookmark entries to make better use of available horizontal space.