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I am thankful that Sumantra “picks up” where I last left off. However, another problem that has not yet been solved is that Sumantra does not display special characters or effects such as bolding. I hope that you guys will issue an update about this deficiency.


Your post was under a “Bookmarks” topic about “GoTo default page” I have moved this to a seperate topic.

SumatraPDF does show special characters and Bold / Italic in Bookmarks
If they are set by the editor

Using Pre-Release “New Bookmarks” I can choose how they appear in a virtual pdf
forgive my google arabic and it will raise complaints that those examples are left justified see below


SumatraPDF will set Bookmarks RTL as determined by the editing, here SumatraPDF 3.1.2 is mislead into showing RTL when the editor should have used LTR characters

That has been corrected in more recent releases