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Home / Book view - deciding «front page» or not?


If I choose «Book view» on any .pdf , only the second+third pages, and so forth, will be shown as one page to the left and the other to the right of the screen.

In other words there’s a presumption that any .pdf does indeed have a front page like a physical book has.
But since this isn’t always the case at all, I’d like a choice to change this either permanently or on an individual file.
Is this change possible, or already possible to do?


I believe “book view” state is already remember for the file i.e. when you close and re-open the file, book view state will be preserved.


You are correct, but I mean that the “book view” itself is not always what I wan’t:

Book view = Page1 on the whole screen then Page2+3, then Page 4+5, then page 6+7…
But many times I want “an alternate Book view” like: Page1+2 on the whole screen, then Page3+4, then page 5+6…


Isn’t that the regular view?


I think the answer is he needs to flip between

Facing [CTRL] + [7]
Book View [CTRL] + [8]


Thanks everyone, I was stuck on believing it had to be Book View.