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I have a lot of fonts on my laptop. I tested all the suitable ones (not graphic, italic etc.) and even then only a few of them passed my standard.

I wanted fonts that were easy on the eye, good for reading, not mono spaced, uncrowded and other factors and also good for speed reading and taking in a page or dual page at a glance. The default font with SumatraPDF seems to be Georgia. Below is my list. The higher listed 5 lines are there in order of my preference.

The fonts are free, each is usually more than one ttf, so for 13 fonts there are 100 ttf. I can upload them to a file sharing file if you can not find them. The zipped file of the 100 ttf files is about 9mb.

The style section below is my black theme setting for ebook readers in SumatraPDF. The left column contents (TOC) is not currently visible unless selected as current. So might not want to change your colors. I need black theme for reading, longer plus easier reading and battery. Also have sensitive eyes and an not stare into a light-box (the screen) for long.

The screenshot is using the top font line (Segoe UI Symbol). Just take off the hash # at front of each font line you want to test, restart app. Make sure other font lines have a hash at start to REM (comment) them out and neutralize, except the font you want.

Change the font size line at bottom:
FontSize = 11.5

to suit different fonts, usually 11 to 13:
11 11.5 12 12.5 13

ALT+S (settings menu): Advanced Options
Then near the top:

EbookUI [
	FontName = Segoe UI Symbol
#	FontName = Microsoft New Tai Lue	
#	FontName = Titillium Web
#	FontName = Segoe UI
#	FontName = Fraklin Gothic Book
#	FontName = Karla
#	FontName = Nunito Sans
#	FontName = Muli
#	FontName = Linux Biolinum G
#	FontName = Liberation Serif
#	FontName = Helvetica Neue LT Pro
#	FontName = Driod Serif
#	FontName = Driod Sans Mono
#	FontName = Georgia

	FontSize = 11.5
	TextColor = #cccccc
	BackgroundColor = #000000
	UseFixedPageUI = false

Thanks to kjk for the great app.

List the name of your favorite fonts in this thread for other users to try.
What are your fave fonts for Sumatrapdf ?


First of all great lightweight app for epub.

Here’s I found great fonts to read Epub file
MS Reference Sans Serif and segoe ui
Size = 11.5


System font names are not always obvious.

If you are having difficulty changing to font names with spaces such as MS Comic Sans it needs to be Comic Sans MS

see Having some e-book font problems