Belarussian translation


How can I use belarussian language UI?


Unfortunately, there is no Belarusian translation for Sumatra.


KJK can you add Corsican and Belarussian tag to allow for fresh translations ?


@kjk Belarusian (беларускі) is listed as fully translated and checking the odd word seems OK is there a reason its not available in the current releases ?

An other not showing in UI but with full translation is
Sinhala (සිංහල)


Yes, I was a bit hasty. Belarusian translation is there.

The reason it doesn’t show in the UI is: the translation was submitted to after the binary was compiled.

I’ve created pre-release build which should have the translation.


Thanks kjk I see you added co for Corsica to SumatraPDF list but its not yet accessible via apptranslator


It’s now on as well.

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Confirmed as visible there and have messaged @Patriccollu who requested it be available.