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BackgroundColor / GradientColor not working

I’m using version 3.1.2 64-bit and try to set the same color #f2f2f2 for background and outside page margin. I found a suggestion from Customize page margin color and set GradientColor = #f2f2f2. However, it does not work.

Here is my setting:


Is it possible to obtain the color #f2f2f2 for the entire view (both inside and outside page margin)?

Its very pedantic it needs the s on the end, even if its only one colour
i.e. GradientColors = #f2f2f2

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Thank you so much for your dedicated support! You solved my problem.

Is it possible to change the main window background colour, and if so, how? So that’s the colour outside the document. Changing the MainWindowBackground value doesn’t have any effect. Thanks in advance.

See GradientColors above (can be one two or three colours)
try GradientColors = #f00000 #f2f2f2 #0000f0

Thanks, that did the trick! BTW the open several windows feature in the new version is very handy.

All I see is the PDF content on a full white screen.
Where are the vertical gray margins on the left and the right side outside the file?
Thank you!

Posting one screenshot should be possible and helps us see
why you dont see background when zooming out using say the minus key

Here is an image:

Without a menu I have to guess you are set to full screen usage but that does appear to be a default #f2f2f2 very pale grey on each side

My setting is currently the red white and blue (page 1 is as you see red each side) that setting is
added by users so if you want to play with the grey shades then in settings > advanced options try in the fixed page UI section add to the end the bit after page spacing

FixedPageUI [
	TextColor = #000000
	PageSpacing = 4 4
	GradientColors = #101010 #f0f0f0

You can have one two or three colors that run alongside page 1 to last page if you want them all the same color then either add just the one color or make two or three the same value

Great!!! Thank you, Git Hub Rules OK!