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Please add support for AVIF image format.

I compare the quality between WebP, HEIC and AVIF and the winner for much is AVIF.

AVIF is the future for the comics books archives.


Its a possibility but low priority since it is not a native image type supported by MuPDF, SumatraPDF does support WebP well in but those cannot be used fully the same way as traditional / more universal PNG which is native to MuPDF.


I have recently read the detailed comparison of these two formats png and avif, and you know what, I liked the avif…
here’s the summary
PNG: Developed as an enhanced replacement for gifs.
PNG can compress images more than JPEG. Plus, it is lossless.
It is a standardized format that doesn’t require a license.
The default format for images and has universal support.

AVIF: was built to produce high-quality, compressed images without losing much data.
It loses the minimum possible content throughout the process of compression.
Completely open-source, open license, and free of royalty charges.
Already accepted by a lot of digital tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc.


Note from other description about AV1F it is designed for sequential images like TIFF, AGIF, MPNG but with Movies as the intended target media, Thus Netflix Google etc promotion.

“AV1 is the royalty-free video coding format”