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VERY new to this (but super cool program!), I went ahead and created a restricted run version, in a dir, with ini file and a command-line bat file to run in fullscreen with my desired PDF file.
That seems to works, but I will need to distribute the PDF with the viewer by email most likely, is there a best practice for that?
I also need to make sure it opens at the top of the document… so we need call a TOC or … #?


The simplest way to distributed combined viewer + file would probably be to pack it as a .zip and send that via e-mail.

As to starting at the top: you can use -page 1 cmd-line arg. See for all available options.


I am always intrigued by the intended usage of such “Automated” viewer cases, it is often in the hope of making things yet more easy but ends up making it much more difficult than they need to be for the sender. See one such example below [**].

A pdf was “a wrapped document of PS pages with fonts” not originally intended as a means to send multiple self actioning files like moving pages / audio / video / 3D etc. (although others have tried that before and as you can see it is not a common practice, since it is pre-destined to fail)

If you want a Multi page image to fill a screen send a TIFF (FaX/Facimile format) to a user and let them read it their own pace or If you really want to annoy them send it as a multi image GIF .

Either way there is no need to send an e-reader with every book as every machine should accept both of those Portable Document Files (PDFs) without any extra bloat.

** I know your intended use is different but most e-mail anti-virus will consider it as a variation on what follows

Adobe Acrobat allows you to attach, or bind, an EXE file with a PDF file. However, for security reasons, EXE files cannot, by default, be saved or opened with Acrobat. Viruses can be transmitted in this manner. According to the Adobe website, Acrobat products maintain a registry list of file types that can be saved and opened, which you cannot change using Acrobat. You can, however, manually edit the registry, although this strategy isn’t suggested. Binding files as an attachment allows you to embed needed files in one location.

Just as a means to ilustrate some potential problems here is a link to one competitative pdf with an exe product it is good as it is much smaller, however decompression takes time and usually causes hanging/crashes so if wanting to maintain my valued contacts I would look to avoid such gimicks


Thanks, that is my initial plan… but will test. Some users are not going to be able to unpack a zip, some are on tablets… work in progress.


Thanks, yes all good points!! I would love to just point them to a webpage and open the pdf in the web viewers… it may have multi-media aspects… I need more info from client.