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Hi all,

Recently I found out a “dark theme” can be somewhat achieved via advanced option, but it seems there isn’t any option to change the color of scrollbar, side and bottom, to go along with the dark theme; no way to hide the scrollbar either(I know they can be hidden with “fit page” on and “show page continuously” off but I prefer a better solution.)

For me it’s distracting with white scrollbars on border while background on dark. Any workaround would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hopefully there will be a fully featured dark theme in the future(which also changes the color of title/menu bar).


There are ways the scrollbar can be turned dark when using Win 10 light/dark app theming but its not a SumatraPDF defined setting for scrollbars which are light by default

it is mainly down to using sys colours see my image in comment dated Jun 16, 2018 at

HOWEVER you may not like the secondary issues such as

using invert pdf parts may change but chm wont change see
images may be inverted see


Thank you for the detailed answer.

Inverted color images don’t bother me since I mostly use sumatraPDF for papers and tech documents in PDF format. In fact they are inverted already with both backgroundcolor & gradientcolor set to dark on my PC.

I did set win10 app theme to dark and UseSysColors to true. But unlike yours my scrollbar doesn’t change at all and the background turns back to white default(since UseSysColors overrides other setting). Could you elaborate a little more how you achieve the pic in your link? Thanks.


Unsure but most likely set by “accessibility” and inversion in windows 10 app themes, there are many setting other than the simple light/dark switch.


Got it. By “accessibility” I guess the closest I can get is some “high contrast” theme which isn’t ideal for my need.

Still, thanks for the help. Hopefully there will be a tuning option in near future, I mean, now even windows file explorer can be turned into dark with 1809 update.