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I find myself working in Linux at work and in Windows at home, so I’m always after apps which have similar functionality in these OS’s :slight_smile:

In particular, for reading PDFs in Windows I use SumatraPDF, and in Linux I use Okular. I like both, the only problem is that I cannot save annotations/bookmarks in pdf files with SumatraPDF. Well, there is highlight feature in the pre-release version of Sumatra (by the way, any hints when it’s going to migrate to the stable version?). And there is the favorite page feature, which is kind of a “bookmark”. But it isn’t saved into pdf-file itself (is it?). So all bookmarks that I make in Sumatra are invisible with Okular (or any other reader). Do you have any plans for “hard bookmarking” feature like Ctrl+B in Okular?


bit like Apples and Pears

for other users not sure what Okular looks like on windows see comparative view showing same file in both below

Bookmarks in SumatraPDF are Contents in Okular (both stored within the file)
Favourites in SumatraPDF are Bookmarks in Okular (both stored external to the file)

Okular can not understand SumatraPDF .smx files and visa-vee with .okular files