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I’ve been using Sumatra PDF for years.
I’m already using the pre-release versions and they seems quite stable.
I have a request: use better looking icons (Open, Print, Previous and Next Page, Fit Width, etc) because on 4K displays the old ones are very pixelated.

Please consider this request as it would make your program more visual-appealing!

Thank you for your time and effort,


Many requests for iconic changes here and on GitHub

When the code was written lightweight was the aim and 16x16 pixel.bmp where users can replace the icons with their own skinning choices at other sizes, offered (at the time) a perfect compromise.

see amongst others Add setting for changing sidebar (and toolbar) font size (#899) which includes the icons shown you can of course add any size antialiased.bmp to replace them but suggest keep it to multiples of 8 pixels so 24x24 may suit you.

Time moves on and the desire is to use ScalableVectorGraphics, but no one yet has the skill or time to make the significant coding changes.


Hi and thank you for your reply.
If I understand it correctly, it is possible to replace icons?

Thank you,


The file is toolbar_11.bmp which has been discussed several times
GitHub and Forum

the best to illustrate issues in rolling your own is Is anyone doing new UI icons?


Thank you! I’ll have a try!