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Always run Sumatra with "-invert-colors" active

I want Sumatra to run the command line, “-invert-colors,” every single time I open it. Modifying the shortcut isn’t sufficient, as, when I chose to open files using Sumatra, it runs without the command line. I would rather not deal with registry values. I would assume there would be a way to force this command line to run every time by modifying the advanced settings text tile, but I have not discovered this method.

Thank you.

You can try flipping (or adjusting as per your needs) all the TextColor and BackgroundColor values in the settings file. Short of editing the registry to add -invert-colors to the default command line, this is the best you can do.

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Hello there,

Is there a way (advance settings or other) which will default start Sumatra with inverted colours?

I currently do it via the -invert-colors command-line argument. Works well.

But I would rather just double click on a PDF no matter which version of the shortcut is running.

Let me know your thoughts?

It may be possible to mess with registry settings to force the inversion, however you don’t need to do that.

Personally I would stick with shortcuts as you have that invert on demand, for viewing negatives.
You can add them to SendTo or drop a folder of negatives on the icon etc.
What -invert-colors does was provide one short command amongst other several older depreciated ones such as -set-color-range #dddddd #333333 but in essence it replicates this

FixedPageUI [
	TextColor = #ffffff
	BackgroundColor = #000000

so setting those values means that you get the opposite effect when using -invert-colors thus should then make things “normal” !

You can get into smelborp when playing around with reversing colour ranges, I had to delete the settings file to prove it worked as you require, but the result same as -invert-colors is not good for everyday use in 3.2+ compared to 3.1.2.
hence my suggestion to use the shortcut as normal just when its needed.

Please add gui option to invert colors, most people don’t want to edit config files.

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