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Adobe PDF's option of eliminating inter-Page margin blanks

i love Sumatra (PDF reader) ! — i esp. like Pre-Release version’s [ One-Touch inverted color ] feature. When is the next release ?

(3 suggestions) –

  1. that is not a “Manual” ---- better to label it as (1-page) Quick Guide , etc.

  2. When i invert (Black/white) and the screen goes black
    i can’t see where the Page boundary is (Left, Right). ----- show it with Gray line and/or Gray background ?

  3. Adobe PDF reader has the option of eliminating inter-Page margin blanks… (replacing it with dotted lines) — that may be nice.


set the GradientColors here shown in single entry salmon pink but agree others are better maximum is 3.

GradientColors = #ff0000 #ffffff #0000ff


you can close that gap in settings too

PageSpacing = 0 0